My name is Sven-Per Olsson ”MR SPO” and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. The things that make me happy is my family and friends, my work and that I have the feedoom to do what I want in my life.
I like to play beachvolleyball, play golf, run, sail with friends, ski, take a walk with my dog.

One of the most imortant thing in my life is to help other people to achieve their dreams and goals in live.

In school I help kids to learn mathematics, sience and art. In my beachvolleyball courses I help people to be a better player or a better team.

Relationships – family and friends

Health – Exercise, eat a balanced diet and having fun

Money and creativity – Work and company

I have two quotes that help me very much in life.

I have put a framed picture beside my bed and at my desk at work with this message. It always remind me that it is important to focus on the things that I really really want. And if I do so, I will get it! That´s for sure!

When I have fun, I am happy. And the more happiness there is in my life, the more I can achevie and receive of what I really really want.