Welcome to my world, a happier world.

It dosent matter what you want in your life, you can have it.
The tricky thing is that we humans often think that certain things will give us happiness but many time it acually does not get us happier.

In my course ”Time for change 1.0”

– you will learn a approach to life that give you the tool to get what ever you want!

– you will learn to know when a wish really going to make you happier and when it will not!

– you will learn to focus and callibrate your energy to have more fun.

During 4 weeks (2022) you will learn the basics in understanding how to get everything you want in life!

Time for change 1.0a 6/3, 13/3, 27/3, 3/4
Time for change 1.0b 1/5, 8/5, 15/5, 22/5

Sundays between 18.30 and 20.00
Live Online 
Prize: 55 Euro

First session: How does the brain work. What do we want and why. How does the law of attraction works? We finish the session with making a list of what we want!

Second session: How can we get everything in life and stay in a positive mind to keep things coming. We make a list of everything that makes everything coming.

Third session: How to understand the laws of universe in a better way. 

Forth session: Your questions. I will pick out some of your questions and help you in your process to a happier life.

Course ”Time for change 2.0”

During 50 weeks you will learn how to make structures and habits for a happier life.
Do you want more money, better relationships, better health or anything else in life you will get the chance to get it.
During ´the course you will have personal feedback and support from me and the coursegroup.

Start 21 of June 2022
Tuesdays between 18.30 and 20.30
Maximum 8 participants
Online via Google Meet
Prize: 890 Euro