Welcome to my world, a happier world.

It dosent matter what you want in your life, you can have it.
The tricky thing is that we humans often think that certain things will give us happiness but many time it acually does not get us happier.

In my course ”Get a happier life”

– you will learn a approach to life that give you the tool to get what ever you want!

– you will learn to know when a wish really going to make you happier and when it will not!

– you will learn to focus and callibrate your energy to have more fun.

First step is to make a LIST of all thing you want in life.

The second step is to figure out WHY you want it, and how to find your specific way to get what you want.

In the third step you will learn how to achieve and receive everything you want with gratitude and happiness.


In my course ”Find more love, be healtier and get richer”

This course will give you tools to find love in life, find a helatier lifestyle and help you to get more money.
This course give you concrete methods and programs to achieve love, a healty body and extra money in to your life.

You can implement this course separately from my other course ”Get a happier life” or you can do the two courses simultaneously. If you have learn the skills in the course ”Get a happier life” it will be easier to go throgh the course ”Find more love, be healtier and get richer”